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it feels good to SMILE

What if brushing your teeth wasn’t just a mundane necessity, but a pleasurable experience? Whether it’s our use of  natural, safe ingredients or the fact that your purchase is helping to build communities around the world, we’re going to make you smile! We’re a community of health enthusiasts, volunteers, caring parents, and toothpaste purists united by an amazing product. 


No matter what brand I used in the past, I always had the same disappointments -- it dried out my mouth, made my morning glass of OJ taste funny, and ultimately, I wasn't fully convinced it worked! In an effort to remedy these shortcomings, I finally decided to experiment with my own recipes, using only the purest ingredients. Upon seeing my results, my roommates decided to give it a go and the next thing I knew, I was making a batch a week to keep up with the household demand -- and that is how Smile was born!




ingredients you KNOW and can pronounce

What began as an effort to fix the more superficial problems with “regular” toothpaste, quickly led me to discovering research on the harmful effects of toothpaste chemicals. After learning about the negative effects of fluoride in particular, I recommended my family switch to a popular “natural” toothpaste brand; but, upon further investigation of their ingredients, I realized it was still lacking in some of key areas I was trying to improve. I finally decided I’d be better off making my own.

Unlike many “natural” toothpastes that use glycerin to create  bubbles, we’ve chosen to leave this out to avoid the dry-mouth effect. Instead, our extra virgin coconut oil helps stimulate saliva, while simultaneously removing toxins and bacteria. From our research, we’ve also discovered that cacao (yes, like the chocolate) has proven to be more effective than fluoride in helping teeth demineralize  -- and it isn’t toxic! We only use baking soda that is extracted with water, not cancer causing chemicals like benzene, to offer a pure whitening experience. We also have a secret ingredient to supercharge Smile’s whitening power and guess what -- it’s black!


black makes white

Activated charcoal has many uses from purifying skin, removing toxins from the digestive system, water filtration, and even prevention of gas. We add it to our toothpaste because its composition binds to stains from coffee, cigarettes, and plaque, removing  them upon rinsing, all without harming your teeth’s enamel like many of the whitening chemicals found in most store bought brands.


a different KIND of business

Founder, Brian Mays, has always had a passion for giving back, from serving on nonprofit boards to mentoring youth in his communities. While understanding the value of giving personal  time, he realized that resources are also needed to help solve many of the world's problems. That's where the Smile community comes in - - by practicing group economics, we are able to leverage our collective resources to. Smile Natural Toothpaste is committed to contributing a portion of all profits to building communities and enriching lives globally. We hope you will join us, not only in using our awesome product, but also getting your hands dirty, and generating solutions!



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